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    This documentation is for `pinfo', version 0.6.4.
    Original manpage written on 21 Mar 1999 by Przemek Borys,
 <pborys@dione.ids.pl>, `http://zeus.polsl.gliwice.pl/~pborys/'.
    Translated to Texinfo by Stanislav Kuchar, <thorn@slonik.sk>,
 `http://slonik.sk/' on 1 Dec 2001.


* Invoking                    Comman line options.
* Configuration               Configurable behaviour of pinfo.
* Internationalization Support  Localization.
* Author                      Who wrote pinfo.
* Bugs                        Help debugging.
* Copyright                   Copying.
* Index                       Search.
  --- The Detailed Node Listing ---
* Configuration file          Save your preferences.
* Environment                 Variables.
 Configuration file
* Color                       Color settings.
* Keys                        Bindable keyboard.
* Options                     Confiruration options.
* Example config file         Build in values.
* Keybindings                 What keys can be used.
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