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 This manual documents how to use the PINENTRY and its protocol.
    The PINENTRY is a small GUI application used to enter PINs or
 passphrases. It is usually invoked by GPG-AGENT ( Invoking the
 gpg-agent (gnupg)Invoking GPG-AGENT, for details).
    PINENTRY comes in 3 flavors to fit the look and feel of the used GUI
 toolkit:  A GTK+ based one named `pinentry-gtk', a QT based one named
 `pinentry-qt' and a non-graphical one based on curses and named
 `pinentry-curses'.  Not all of them might be available on your
 installation.  If curses is supported on your system, the GUI based
 flavors fall back to curses when the `DISPLAY' variable is not set.


* Using pinentry      How to use the beast.
 Developer information
* Protocol            The Assuan protocol description.
* Copying             GNU General Public License says
                         how you can copy and share PIN-Entry
                         as well as this manual.
* Option Index        Index to command line options.
* Index               Index of concepts and symbol names.
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