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 This manual documents the usage of libgomp, the GNU implementation of
 the OpenMP (http://www.openmp.org) Application Programming Interface
 (API) for multi-platform shared-memory parallel programming in C/C++ and


* Enabling OpenMP            How to enable OpenMP for your applications.
* Runtime Library Routines   The OpenMP runtime application programming
* Environment Variables      Influencing runtime behavior with environment
* The libgomp ABI            Notes on the external ABI presented by libgomp.
* Reporting Bugs             How to report bugs in GNU OpenMP.
* Copying                    GNU general public license says
                                how you can copy and share libgomp.
* GNU Free Documentation License
                                How you can copy and share this manual.
* Funding                    How to help assure continued work for free
* Library Index              Index of this documentation.
Info Catalog (dir) Top (libgomp.info.gz) Enabling OpenMP
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