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 27 Job Control
 "Job control" refers to the protocol for allowing a user to move
 between multiple "process groups" (or "jobs") within a single "login
 session".  The job control facilities are set up so that appropriate
 behavior for most programs happens automatically and they need not do
 anything special about job control.  So you can probably ignore the
 material in this chapter unless you are writing a shell or login
    You need to be familiar with concepts relating to process creation
 Handling::) in order to understand this material presented in this


* Concepts of Job Control     Jobs can be controlled by a shell.
* Job Control is Optional     Not all POSIX systems support job control.
* Controlling Terminal        How a process gets its controlling terminal.
* Access to the Terminal      How processes share the controlling terminal.
* Orphaned Process Groups     Jobs left after the user logs out.
* Implementing a Shell        What a shell must do to implement job control.
* Functions for Job Control   Functions to control process groups.
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