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 Stand-alone GNU Info
 If you do not know how to use Info, but have a working Info reader, you
 should read the Info manual before this one ( (info)Top), as it
 includes more background information and a thorough tutorial.
    This documentation describes the stand-alone Info reader that is part
 of the Texinfo distribution, not the Info reader that is part of GNU


* Stand-alone Info            What is Info?
* Invoking Info               Options you can pass on the command line.
* Cursor Commands             Commands which move the cursor within a node.
* Scrolling Commands          Commands for reading the text within a node.
* Node Commands               Commands for selecting a new node.
* Searching Commands          Commands for searching an Info file.
* Xref Commands               Commands for selecting cross references.
* Window Commands             Commands which manipulate multiple windows.
* Printing Nodes              How to print out the contents of a node.
* Miscellaneous Commands      A few commands that defy categorization.
* Variables                   How to change the default behavior of Info.
* Custom Key Bindings         How to define your own key-to-command bindings.
* Index                       Global index.
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