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 Profiling a Program: Where Does It Spend Its Time?
 This manual describes the GNU profiler, 'gprof', and how you can use it
 to determine which parts of a program are taking most of the execution
 time.  We assume that you know how to write, compile, and execute
 programs.  GNU 'gprof' was written by Jay Fenlason.
    This manual is for 'gprof' (GNU Binutils) version 2.25.1.
    This document is distributed under the terms of the GNU Free
 Documentation License version 1.3.  A copy of the license is included in
 the section entitled "GNU Free Documentation License".


* Introduction        What profiling means, and why it is useful.
* Compiling           How to compile your program for profiling.
* Executing           Executing your program to generate profile data
* Invoking            How to run 'gprof', and its options
* Output              Interpreting 'gprof''s output
* Inaccuracy          Potential problems you should be aware of
* How do I?           Answers to common questions
* Incompatibilities   (between GNU 'gprof' and Unix 'gprof'.)
* Details             Details of how profiling is done
* GNU Free Documentation License  GNU Free Documentation License
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