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    GNU `dbm' is a library of functions implementing a hashed database
 on a disk file.  This manual documents GNU `dbm' Version 1.8 (`gdbm').
 The software was written by Philip A. Nelson. This document was
 originally written by Pierre Gaumond from texts written by Phil.


* Copying                    Your rights.
* Intro                      Introduction to GNU dbm.
* List                       List of functions.
* Open                       Opening the database.
* Close                      Closing the database.
* Store                      Inserting and replacing records in the database.
* Fetch                      Searching records in the database.
* Delete                     Removing records from the database.
* Sequential                 Sequential access to records.
* Reorganization             Database reorganization.
* Sync                       Insure all writes to disk have competed.
* Errors                     Convert internal error codes into English.
* Options                    Setting internal options.
* Locking                    File locking.
 Other topics:
* Variables                  Two useful variables.
* Compatibility              Compatibility with UNIX dbm and ndbm.
* Conversion                 Converting dbm files to gdbm format.
* Bugs                       Problems and bugs.
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