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 GNU Aspell
 This is the user's manual for Aspell
    GNU Aspell is a spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell.
 It can either be used as a library or as an independent spell checker.


* Introduction
* Support
* Basic Usage
* Customizing Aspell
* Working With Dictionaries
* Writing programs to use Aspell
* Adding Support For Other Languages
* Implementation Notes
* Languages Which Aspell can Support
* Language Related Issues
* To Do
* Installing
* ChangeLog
* Authors
* Copying
  --- The Detailed Node Listing ---
 Basic Usage
* Spellchecking Individual Files
* Using Aspell as a Replacement for Ispell
* Using Aspell with other Applications
 Customizing Aspell
* Specifying Options
* The Options
* Dumping Configuration Values
* Notes on Various Options
 Notes on Various Options
* Notes on Various Filters and Filter Modes
* Notes on the Prefix Option
* Notes on Typo-Analysis
* Notes on the Different Suggestion Modes
 Working With Dictionaries
* Using aspell-import
* How Aspell Selects an Appropriate Dictionary
* Listing Available Dictionaries
* Dumping the Contents of the Word List
* Creating an Individual Word List
* Working With Affix Info in Word Lists
* Format of the Personal and Replacement Dictionaries
* Using Multi Dictionaries
* Dictionary Naming
* AWLI files
 Writing programs to use Aspell
* Through the C API
* Through A Pipe
* Notes on Storing Replacement Pairs
 Adding Support For Other Languages
* The Language Data File
* Compiling the Word List
* Phonetic Code
* The Simple Soundslike
* Replacement Tables
* Affix Compression
* Controlling the Behavior of Run-together Words
* Creating A New Character Set
* Creating An Official Dictionary Package
 Implementation Notes
* Aspell Suggestion Strategy
* Notes on 8-bit Characters
 Languages Which Aspell can Support
* Supported
* Unsupported
* Multiple Scripts
* Planned Dictionaries
* References
 Language Related Issues
* Compound Words
* Words With Symbols in Them
* Unicode Normalization
* German Sharp S
* Context Sensitive Spelling
 To Do
* Important Items
* Other Items
* Notes on Various Items
 Notes on Various Items
* Word skipping by context
* Hidden Markov Model
* Email the Personal Dictionary
* Generic Install Instructions
* HTML Manuals and "make clean"
* Curses Notes
* Loadable Filter Notes
* Upgrading from Aspell 0.50
* Upgrading from Aspell .33/Pspell .12
* Upgrading from a Pre-0.50 snapshot
* WIN32 Notes
* GNU Free Documentation License
* GNU Lesser General Public License
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