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 GDB Annotations
 This document describes the obsolete level two annotation interface
 implemented in older GDB versions.


* Annotations Overview  What annotations are; the general syntax.
* Limitations           Limitations of the annotation interface.
* Migrating to GDB/MI   Migrating to GDB/MI
* Server Prefix       Issuing a command without affecting user state.
* Value Annotations   Values are marked as such.
* Frame Annotations   Stack frames are annotated.
* Displays            GDB can be told to display something periodically.
* Prompting           Annotations marking GDB's need for input.
* Errors              Annotations for error messages.
* Breakpoint Info     Information on breakpoints.
* Invalidation        Some annotations describe things now invalid.
* Annotations for Running
                         Whether the program is running, how it stopped, etc.
* Source Annotations  Annotations describing source code.
* Multi-threaded Apps An annotation that reports multi-threadedness.
* GNU Free Documentation License
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